In 1989, DEE DEE RAMONE released his classic LP ‚Standing In the Spotlight‘ under his Rap alias DEE DEE KING on SIRE Records.
25 years later, on ‚Behind the Spotlight‘, Austrian DeeCRACKS and UK ZATOPEKS join their forces to pay a tribute to the legendary album. The 7“ features two cover versions by each band, and is a RAMONES MUSEUM BERLIN and STRIPED RECORDS release.
Manuel Cossu and Mass Mosrite (Manges) carried out the amazing artwork. A must-have for every Ramones fan or European punk rock enthusiast.



released December 14, 2014

all songs written by Dee Dee Ramone and Daniel Rey
taken from the album 'Standing In The Spotlight' (1989, Sire Records)

recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Perdacher in spring 2012 in Klagenfurt, Austria

additional backing vocals and giggling on 'Brooklyn Babe' by Carina L.


tags: punk Wien


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Track Name: brooklyn babe
Here's a little serenade
About a Brooklyn Babe
How can I describe tie chick
Let's do some arithmetic
She's a 34-23-34
A killer on the dance floor
Skin tight jeans
And at fourteen
She was seeing a marine
Don't underestimate her
She's as hot as a pepper
She don't do the wash
She don't do the cookin'
She don't have to
'Cause she's good lookin'
She don't like to go steady
'Cause she knows she ain't ready
To get married and settle down
'Cause it's so much fun
To run around
She's bad, she's bad
She's not afraid
I go crazy
Over Brooklyn Babe
She's bad, she's bad
The Brooklyn Babe
Well let me tell you more
About our heroine
She's the baddest chick
In all of Brooklyn
She's Queen of the Hop
Little Anthony's babe
A fan of Doo-Wop
Deadly with a switchblade
Boppin' down Park Slope
Cruisin' Bay Ridge
Hangin' out under the El
And the Brooklyn Bridge
If you wanna be her boyfriend
You better be Italian
Your knuckles better crack
Your hair greased back
I've been all over the world
There's nothin' like a Brooklyn Girl
They come in all shapes and sizes
And they are the most priceless
Chicks on the planet earth
And for what it's worth
I wouldn't trade
A Brooklyn Babe
For all the money
Rockefeller made
Baby, Baby
You're an angel
You're such a sexy angel
I want to make
You my girl
Track Name: poor little rich girl
Don't take away her whiskey
don't take away her rye
she'll show her fangs
and spit in your eye
Poor little rich girl
a hopeless case
everything she does
is in bad taste
You can find her on her favorite bar stool
drinking with the guys
an old drunken fool
She goes to the local five and dime
to buy her make-up and drink her wine
Oh, she's a poor little rich girl
A run in her stockings
a lopsided wig
she laughs to herself
as she takes another swig
The story goes on
she couldn't get worse
this chick keeps a bottle in her purse
Oh, she's a poor little rich girl
Poor little rich girl
what a waste
to her society friends
the girl's a disgrace
She's devil-may-care
she's laissez-faire
an out of control miserable millionaire
So take some advice from Dee Dee King
Money can't buy you everything
Oh, she's a poor little rich girl